Buylist Instructions

Looking to sell us your cards?
Follow the instructions below to get started!

In general, we purchase cards worth over $2.00. Please separate your higher value cards and follow the steps below.

1. From the home page (, scroll down slightly just under the banner until you see "Buylist"

2. Register a account with BinderPOS and /or Login

3. Once Logged in, return to the Home page and select "Buylist" again.
This will now enter you into the software where you can select which TCG you are looking to sell/trade.

4. In the top right, you can select "Cash" or "Credit", as well as switch games if you have more than one type of TCG (Pokemon, Magic, etc).

5. Enter your card name and pick the card from the list that matches you card. Be sure to select the correct condition, as this will affect the pricing. 

The best way to do this varies by game. Please see guide below:

Magic: Enter the card name, and then match the set symbol located in the top right of the description.

Pokemon: Enter the card number in the bottom left of the card, for example 47/198

Yugioh: Enter the card code, located in the top right of the description, for example MRD-EN070

6. Once all your cards are entered, you may submit the Buylist. We will then approve it and you may bring the cards in. When you bring the cards in we will double check over everything to ensure that the cards match the submitted list as well as the conditions. Adjustments will be made as necessary if something is incorrect. 

Please note this does take some time to do, so depending on how many cards you are selling / trading in, you may need to leave them with us.

Additional Notes
  • In order to sell / trade us cards, we require a buylist to be submitted.
    This helps expedite the process and saves about half the required time. 

  • Looking up cards for prices takes time. We are unable to appraise your collection for free as this requires a lot of manpower. 

  • If cards are brought in-store without a buylist, we have a 5 card limit that we will look up. This would just be to give you an idea of the rates that are offered.

  • We unfortunately don't have the time to go through 50 cards that may not be worth anything. Entering them into the system also requires additional time, which is why we require the buylist.

  • If you are unable to submit a buylist, we offer a appraisal service and will price your cards at a rate of $20 per 30 cards. We highly recommend you do it yourself, but the option is there.